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 How to take Screenshots & Upload.

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How to take Screenshots & Upload. Empty
PostSubject: How to take Screenshots & Upload.   How to take Screenshots & Upload. Icon_minitimeSat Feb 27, 2010 12:52 pm

I'm going to make a unique guide (that I hope will be stickied soon) about taking screenshots, cropping pictures and uploading them here to the forum.

Things you need:
A computer.
An editing program (like paint).
An internet connection.

Alright, now everyone needs to take a screenshot once in their life, so here's how we're going to start. On your keyboard, there will be a button that will take a picture of whatever you're doing and copy it to your clipboard. The button will be named "Prnt Scrn" and under it on the same button it should say "SysRq" or it can be seen as "PrntScrn/SysRq". The picture below explains where the button is;

How to take Screenshots & Upload. Prntscrn

After you've located the button, press it. Press it once whatever you're taking a picture of is on the screen. This is where you'll need your editing program. Open up something (like Paint) and press Ctrl + V (or go to Edit > Paste). Then you'll see something similar to below;

How to take Screenshots & Upload. Paintscreen

After that, I'd suggest you open yet another Paint. (There are other ways, but this is the easiest imo). Then click the Square Button to the left of Paint with all the other buttons, it should look like a square but drawn with dotted lines, and put the square around the bit of the screen you want to keep. Once selected press Ctrl + C (or go to Edit > Copy) and paste it into your new Paint. Resize the paint window and Save the picture as whatever, wherever you want to save it. (You can delete this later).

Ta-da! You have your picture. The last step now is to upload the photo. First, navigate your way to, then click the Choose File button, browse your files until you find the picture, double-click and cluck Upload. Then just wait... (Will only take a couple of seconds).

Once loaded, there will be a bit "Share this image" in orange and then four boxes. They will be titled like this;

HTML for Websites
IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards
URL for E-mail & IM
Direct Link for Layouts

You're obviously going to click the IMG Code for Forums, copy the whole code, paste it into wherever you want the image to go in your post and TA-DA! You have your image.
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How to take Screenshots & Upload.
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